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Record and track reimbursable expenses

You can record reimbursable expenses and, later, automatically include them in an invoice, sales receipt, or statement charge for the customer:job.

Detailed Instructions

To record reimbursable expenses:

  1. Open a bill, a check, or a credit card charge as appropriate.
  2. Enter the the vendor name.
  3. Enter the appropriate reimbursable items, each with the appropriate customer:job name.
  4. Indicate in the Billable column whether or not to pass this charge through to your customer.
    • If you will not invoice the customer for this expense, leave the check box blank (the expense will still be included in job costing reports).
    • If you will invoice the customer for this expense, enter a checkmark in the check box.
  5. Click OK to record the expense.

Note: Any description information you manually enter on the Items tab is not transferred to the invoice. The invoice uses the description from the item list.

After you record an invoice, sales receipt or statement charge that includes the item, the checkbox becomes an invoice icon, indicating that you have invoiced the expense to the customer.

To invoice reimbursable expenses to your customer:

  1. Open an invoice, sales receipt, or statement charge as appropriate.
  2. Select the customer:job name from the Customer:Job drop-down list. This is required, even on a sales receipt.
  3. Click the Add Time/Costs button.
  4. Select the expenses you want to charge to the customer from each of the four tabs.
  5. If you will never bill the customer for one of the items that appears, click in the Hide column to remove it from the list. This does not remove the original expense item, which will still appear on reports as being associated with the customer or job name.
  6. On the Expenses tab, enter a Markup Amount or % and a Markup Account.
  7. If you would like the customer to see only one line item for all reimbursable expenses (or if you do not want to print markup information), select the Print selected time and costs as one item checkbox. The detail will appear on your screen, but will not print for the customer.
  8. Click OK to transfer the information to the invoice or other form, and complete the form normally.

Note: If you delete the invoice or the invoice line containing the reimbursable expense and you want to invoice the customer again: Open the form where the expense is recorded. Click the grayed invoice icon next to the customer or job to make the expense billable again. Click OK to save the change.

If you use the Expense Tab on a check, bill or credit card charge to record reimbursable expenses, the expenses will not have an item attached to them and they will not be included in item-based sales reports such as the Sales by Item Summary and the Sales by Customer Detail.


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