Steps to set up employees to receive commission and items to be eligible for commission.

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Employees & Security Overview|Viewing or Editing an Employee Record

If you pay your employees a commission for sales, Point of Sale can calculate and report commission amounts for you. Each employee can have his own commission rate and items can be marked in inventory as eligible or not for commission.

To assign or change employee commission rates:

Commission rates can be defined while adding a new employee or using this procedure to edit an existing employee record.

  1. Highlight an employee record in your Employee list and select Edit.

  2. Enter a commission percentage in the Commission field.

Acceptable entries are 0.00 to 99.99.

  1. Select Save.


To assign commission status to an item in inventory:

  1. Display an item record in Form View (while creating or by selecting Edit with it selected in your item list).

  2. Select the check-box labeled Eligible for Commission.

If the check-box is checked, commissions will be calculated on sales of this item. If commission is not to be paid on the item, clear the check-box.

  1. Select Save.


How Commissions are Calculated on Sales

The commission calculation is based on the assigned commission rate for the employee name in the Associate field on the sales document. If security is being used, the Associate field is suggested as the logged in employee, but can be edited (if, for example, you have floor sales people but a cashier is the employee logged in). The Associate field can be edited on a receipt or customer order on an item-by-item basis. This feature can be used to record commissions to multiple employees on a single sale.

To record commissions on sales documents:

  1. Select a name in the Associate field at the top of the document form (it is suggested as the logged in user).

The employee selected is credited for all eligible item sales on the document unless changed for individual items as explained in the following steps.

  1. To credit employee commissions on individual item basis, highlight an item and select Edit Item(<F5>) to open the Item Information window.

  2. Change the name in the Assign this items commission to field for the item and then select OK.

  3. Repeat for other items, as necessary.

Point of Sale calculates the commission amount for each eligible item on the receipt, based on the assigned employees commission rate.

You can report on employee sales and commissions by running a CommissionReport (choose Employees Commissions as the report type). Commission information is sent from remote stores to Headquarters with sales receipts but is not sent to your QuickBooks financial software. The ability to see commission information on a sales document is controlled by a security right.


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