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Receiving goods from vendors

For inventory counts to be accurate in QuickBooks, update information in QuickBooks when you receive goods.

To compare with purchase order and record a bill for the items received

  1. Open the original purchase order (PO) in QuickBooks.

  2. Go to the Vendors menu and click Receive Items.

    If you received a bill with the shipment, go to the Vendors menu, choose Receive Items, and then click Enter Bill. Typically you won't receive a bill at the same time you receive goods.

  3. In the Receive Items window, select the name of the vendor. QuickBooks displays a message indicating that purchase orders exist for this vendor. Click Yes.

  4. QuickBooks displays a list of purchase orders for the vendor. Select the purchase order that corresponds to this shipment and select OK.

  5. At this point, the contents of the PO will transfer to the Bill. Make sure to receive the exact items listed on the packing list.

  6. If it is a partial shipment, only enter those items that were received. For example, if the PO has a quantity of 10 listed and you only received 5, change the quantity to 5.

  7. If you received more items than were originally ordered on the PO (an overage), determine whether to keep or return the goods. If you keep the goods, enter the amount you keep in the bill. If you don't want the overage, return it to the vendor. You may want to write a note on the vendor's bill that you shipped back the amount that is over the stated PO amount. Do not enter a bill for the overage into QuickBooks unless you are going to keep the extra items.

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