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Release 9 of QuickBooks Point of Sale 3.0
Intuit creates a maintenance release when improvements are made to the current version of QuickBooks Point of Sale or when problems with the software are discovered and fixed. We recommend that you install this release at your earliest convenience to take advantage of improvements included in the update.

Automatic Update   Manual Download

Automatic Update


  Manual Download




To check the current release of QuickBooks Point of Sale, choose Help in the Main Toolbar and click About QB POS on the sidebar. The version number and release will appear in the splash screen.

Easiest method to update QuickBooks Point of Sale Version 3.0

By default, QuickBooks Point of Sale will download the latest update any time you are online. You will be prompted to install the update upon quitting the program. To start this process yourself within Point of Sale, use the following instructions:

QuickBooks Point of Sale Update Service

  1. Choose Tools from the main toolbar across the top.
  2. Click the Get Update button on the sidebar.
  3. Select the desired downloads in the Updates field.
  4. Click Get Updates to download your selected updates.
  5. When the download has completed, click Update on the Update Available window and follow the steps in the wizard.
Note: If you experience problems with the automatic update, a manual download is available.

Important: You must update Point of Sale each time the program is uninstalled and reinstalled.

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