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 QuickBooks Product Updates                          

QuickBooks provides different options for downloading the new product releases.

Automatic Update   Manual Download  
Automatic Update   Manual Download  

QuickBooks 2001 Product Release Information







Click here to check the current release of your program. If the release number contains R6, then you already have the latest release.

Easiest method to update QuickBooks 2001

By default, QuickBooks 2001 will download the latest update any time you are online. You will be prompted to install the update upon quitting the program. To start this process yourself within QuickBooks, use the following instructions:

QuickBooks Update Service

  1. From the QuickBooks File menu, choose Update QuickBooks, and then click Update. If you have not set up your Internet Connection to work with QuickBooks, click Configure and follow the instructions.

  2. In the QuickBooks Update Service window, click Go Online.
  3. The QuickBooks Update Status window displays and shows you what the service is downloading. You may click Cancel at any time, but you will not receive all updates if you do so.
  4. When your computer is finished, check the Updates Received section of the QuickBooks Update Service window for asterisks next to the updates received.
  5. Exit QuickBooks and click Yes to install the update. We recommend that you restart your computer after the installation is complete.

    Note: If you experience problems with the automatic update, a manual download is available.

Important: Installing R6 will update your QuickBooks data file. Once the data file has been updated, it can no longer be opened with QuickBooks 2001 R1. Also, you must update QuickBooks each time the program is uninstalled and reinstalled.