Move a company file to another computer

You must have QuickBooks installed on the new computer before you can use the company file there. You can use any of 3 methods to move QuickBooks company data to another location, depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

How to fix it

Intuit recommends more than one solution for this problem. The first solution may solve your problem, or you may need to try all of them to resolve the issue. For best results, perform the solutions in the order shown.

Important: These instructions are for moving your data from one computer to another. If you are looking to share your company file over a network, you can read more about how to host QuickBooks data files in multi-user mode.

Note: If you are using QuickBooks to do your payroll, be sure to download the latest payroll tax table in QuickBooks after moving your company file.


If these solutions don't resolve the issue, you can read discussions and post messages and questions relating to your issue on the Intuit QuickBooks Community site for free. You can contact an agent for additional guidance. Fees may apply.