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What's important about Release 6?
  • Fixed issues that caused QuickBooks to close when emailing transactions
  • Fixed a performance issue for company files with inventory enabled
Note: Automatic updates are for the full QuickBooks application only. Use the Manual Download to update the QuickBooks Server.
When a new update is available, QuickBooks 2015 will randomly download it for a small percentage of our users.  Each week or day the patch is available, the percentage of customers who recieve the update will increase.  After the update has downloaded in the background,  you will be prompted to install the update when opening the program. To start this process yourself within QuickBooks, use the following instructions:
To update quickBooks automatically, follow these steps:
  1. From the Help menu, choose Update QuickBooks.
  2. On the Overview tab click Update Now.
  3. Select the desired downloads in the Update Now window.
  4. Click Get Updates to download the selected updates.
  5. When the Update Complete message appears, click Close.
  6. From the File menu, choose Exit.
  7. Start QuickBooks and click Yes to the message to install the update.
Note: If QuickBooks does not download the new update, a manual download is available.  This may happen if the update is very new and your computer wasn't part of the percentage of users who recieved the update.
Important: You must update QuickBooks each time the program is uninstalled and reinstalled..
Download Download the update file to your computer qbwebpatch.exe (256 MB)
Important steps to ensure a successful installation of QuickBooks Updates:
  1. If you receive a security warning when downloading or installing the QuickBooks update and you obtained the update from this site, click Run to continue the installation.
  2. After installing the update, immediately restart that computer before using QuickBooks.
  3. Intuit strongly recommends you not update a company data file across a network connection. Copy the company file to a local installation, open the company file and allow the update process to complete, and then close the file and copy it back to the network location.
  4. Some QuickBooks updates will include a change to the data file structure. When opening the company file for the first time after installing a product update, you may see a progress bar as the structure change is implemented. It is important to allow this change to complete; do not end task on QuickBooks during this process.
Full QuickBooks application:
To install the Manual update:
  1. Click the link qbwebpatch.exe above.
  2. In the File Download window, click Save.
  3. In the Save As window, choose the location to save the update file.
  4. If QuickBooks is open, close it.
  5. Locate and double-click the downloaded qbwebpatch.exe file. If you have difficulty finding the file on your computer, see "Find a file on a computer that is running Windows."
    Note: There may be a delay or pause of up to 60 seconds at 84 to 86 percent of the update. Do not cancel the update. Allow it to finish and QuickBooks will be updated correctly.
  6. When the installation is complete, restart your computer.
  7. Open QuickBooks, and then check the current program release.
    • Press F2 to open the Product Information window.
    • The first line in this window displays the QuickBooks 2015 version followed by the release number (for example, QuickBooks Premier 2015 Release R6P). If the release number contains R6, then you have successfully installed the latest release.
    • Click OK to close the window.
  8. If using QuickBooks in a multi-user environment, follow the above steps on the other systems. Once each machine has the update, open QuickBooks and log in to the company file as normal.
QuickBooks Server:
To install the R6 Manual update:
  1. Click qbwebpatch.exe above.
  2. In the File Download window, click Save.
  3. In the Save As window, choose the location to save the update file:
    • If you are using the server, save the update file to a location on the server that you can easily find again.
    • If you are using another computer to download the update file and want to save the update file directly to the server, browse in the Save As window to a location on the server to be updated. Make a note of the location you choose.
    • If you are using another computer to download the update file and want to manually copy the update file to the server, save the file to a location on that computer that you can easily find again.
  4. Once the update file has been downloaded:
    • If you saved the update file to the server, proceed to step 5.
    • If you saved the update file to a different computer (not the server), copy the file to the server computer.
  5. Ask other users to close QuickBooks.
  6. On the server computer, right-click the QB Database Server Manager icon located in the system tray and then click Exit QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Click Yes when you are asked to confirm that you want to exit.
  7. On the server computer, double-click the update file.
  8. Click Install to start the update installation.
To verify the version of the QuickBooks Server:
  1. Go to the Start button, click Programs , click QuickBooks , and then click QuickBooks Database Server Manager .
  2. Click the Updates tab.
  3. The version of the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is listed in the first line of text.
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