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Top Mistakes
to Avoid
Learn from others' mistakes
and avoid some problems.
Tips for a Smooth Start
Get the most out of QuickBooks
with the fewest headaches.
How to avoid the top mistakes made by new QuickBooks users
If you’re new to QuickBooks, now is the time to get off on the right foot. Learn from others’ mistakes and avoid these common problems. You’ll thank yourself later!
Don’t use the sample files
as your actual company file
Don’t write a check
and forget to apply
the payment to the bill
Don’t enter invoices
and then make a deposit
without going through the
Receive Payments step
Don’t accidentally record
your customer payments
Don’t choose
your bank account in the
Expense Account field
when writing a check
Don’t rename or delete
the critical accounts
that QuickBooks
automatically creates
Don’t assign items to the
wrong kind of account
Tips for getting off to a smooth start with QuickBooks
QuickBooks is designed to capture and reflect what happens in real life. It takes care of accounting so you can focus on what happens in your day-to-day business. The tips on this page will help you get the most out of QuickBooks with the fewest headaches.
Start out simple
Back up! Back up!
Back up!
Try it in the
sample file first
Streamline your lists
Save time by Memorizing
Ask for help
Access favorites
with one click
Quickly switch
between open windows
Take a shortcut
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