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Clear Vendor Balances Created by General Journal Entries Showing in Accounts Payable Aging Reports

The user created adjusting general journal entries to affect Vendor register balances in the current year. Now journal entries show as open bills in the A/P aging report as more than 90 days overdue.
The user needs to remove these journal entries from the Vendor aging report.
Solution Description
Please follow these steps: 
1.  Open the AP Aging Detail report from the report center.
2.  Click on the modify report button at the top left of the report.
3.  Click on the Filter tab and then in the filters window select the Name filter.
4.  Select the vendor from the list and click OK at the bottom of the modify window.
5.  The journal entries affecting the vendor may show in the report as more than 90 days past due.
6.  Note the vendor name and the amounts of the journal entries.
7.  Minimize the report.
8.  Open the Pay Bills window from the Vendor menu.
9.  Select the bill showing on the vendor (put a check mark in the box in the first column).
10. In the lower right part of the Pay Bills window click Set Credits.
11. The credit that was created with a journal entry will now be selected.  If multiple credits are showing, select the correct credit and click Done.
12. Choose Pay Selected Bill.
13. On the next screen click on Done.
14. Reopen the AP Aging Detail report and click on Refresh - the journal entries have been cleared from the report.
  • Important note: If the user is working in an Accountant's Copy file be sure transactions are prior to Dividing Date, attempts to apply credits in Pay Bills  will get pop up: Please use the "Fix Unapplied Vendor Payments and Credits" tool in Client Data Review to apply credits to bills in an Accountant's Copy, and  credits made as Adjusting  Journal Entries the user must use Fix Unapplied Vendor Payments and Credits tool in Client Data Review to apply credits to bills,

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