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Adding a logo or image to an invoice template causes the edges of the images to be pixilated

When editing an Invoice template and trying to add a logo or an image to the invoice, the edges of the image or logo is pixilated ( has rough or square edges).

This may not visible until doing a print preview or printing the invoice. These images may look fine outside of QuickBooks in any other image program.

Why this is happening

The Images is in a format that has a transparent background (.gif, .png, .tif). This is especially obvious when the image has curved edges. QuickBooks doesn’t translate transparent backgrounds well.

How to fix it

You will need to use images that do not have transparent backgrounds or you can add a background color to the image.



KB ID# SLN43506
2/8/2016 8:43:41 AM
PPRDQSSWS400 9132 Pro 2016 a2abdf