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General Ledger shows zero-balance accounts when the advanced option is set to "In Use"

When generating a General Ledger (GL) report, it displays accounts with 0.00 balances, even though the account has no activity in the displayed date range.
The account does not disappear, even after changing the Advanced option to include In use (accounts).
How to fix it

Recreate the General Ledger (GL) report using the Custom Transaction Detail report:

  1. In the menu bar, choose Reports, Customized Reports and then Custom Transaction Detail.
  2. Press the Customize Report button.
  3. On the Display window use these settings:
    • In the Total by drop-down, select Account List.
    • Click on the Advanced button at the bottom-right of the Customize Report window.
    • Under Include, select In Use.
    • Click OK on the Display window.
  4. Click OK on the Customize Report window.

This report will display much like the GL report.

If you wish to change the report header to resemble the GL report:

  1. Click the Customize Report button.
  2. Click on the Header/Footer tab.
  3. Change the Report Title to General Ledger.
  4. Click OK to save the change.

Memorize this report for access at a later time. For instructions on how to memorize a report, use QuickBooks Help from the Help menu.

KB ID# SLN42738
6/28/2016 7:01:46 PM
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