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Error: XPS Viewer cannot find this document (or other), when creating .pdf file

When you create a .pdf file (which can occur when reconciling a bank account) you see one of the following errors:

  • The XPS Viewer cannot find this document
  • Cannot display web page
  • Page cannot be displayed
  • File not found
  • Cannot find this file. Please verify that the correct filename and path are given.


Why this is happening

In QuickBooks 2013 and later, a .xps document is created first and then changed to a .pdf file whenever you carry out an action that creates a .pdf file, including bank reconciliation and saving transactions and reports as a .pdf file. This error can occur if the Microsoft XPS Document Writer is set to automatically open an .xps file after it is created and if the .xps file has already been changed to a .pdf file when Windows tries to open the file.

These messages mean that Windows is trying to open a file that no longer exists.

Note: Despite these errors, the .pdf file has been created successfully.

How to fix it

Solution 1: Change the settings on the Microsoft XPS Document Writer to no longer automatically open .xps files

Solution 2: Make sure XPS Viewer is default viewer for XPS files in Windows

  1. Click the Windows Start button.
  2. Enter "file association" in the search field.
    file association image
  3. In the Control Panel section, choose Change the file type associated with a file extension.
    change the file type image
  4. Click the Change Program button.
    change program image
  5. Click the Browse button and navigate to c:\windows\system 32\.
  6. Double-click the xpsrchvw.exe file.
    xpsrchvw.exe image
  7. Click Ok.
  8. Click Close.


KB ID# SLN41863
8/25/2016 9:52:46 AM
PPRDQSSWS407 9132 Pro 2016 39538a