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PayPal Payment Request Wizard for QuickBooks

PayPal offers customers the ability to turn QuickBooks invoices into emails with a PayPal payment link easily. The wizard uses QuickBooks information to generate an email invoice that includes a PayPal payment link. When customers receive the invoice, they can click on the payment button to pay you instantly.

Detailed information
To download the PayPal Payment Request Wizard, click here.
  • Please note: You will need Quickbooks Pro/Premier 2002 and above, as well as Outlook/Outlook Express 2000 and above in order for the Wizard to work properly.

To use PayPal Payment Request Wizard:

  1. Open Quickbooks and Outlook/Outlook Express.
  2. Start PayPal Payment Request Wizard ( Start Menu > All Programs ). QuickBooks 2013 and 2014 versions will also have a PayPal icon in the top icon bar that you can click on.
  3. Hit Next ( The first time that you use the Payment Request Wizard, you will get a Quickbooks - Application with No Certificate screen. Choose Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running and hit Continue. )
  4. Choose either Invoice or Estimate.
  5. Type in Invoice or Estimate ID# and hit next.
  6. Type in your PayPal email address and hit next.
  7. Review your information, choose email template, then hit Create whenever you are ready. You will see your email appear in an Outlook/Outlook Express New Message window, where you can type in which email address you want it to go to.
  8. Send through Outlook/Outlook Express


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