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Reports spanning fiscal years show a retained earnings closing entry

A closing entry to Retained Earnings appears when you run a Profit & Loss report for a period that does not match your Fiscal Year. For example, your Fiscal Year runs from 4/1 through 3/31, and you run the report for a calendar year.


In the following reports, if the date range covers more than one fiscal year, and if the Total by field is set to Account List, then the results for the first year are rolled up into a closing entry to Retained Earnings. The only detail shown is for the final year of the report.

  • The Transaction Detail by Account report
  • The Custom Summary report.
  • The Custom Transaction Detail report.

  • The General Ledger report.
  • The Trial Balance report.
  • The Adjusted Trial Balance report.
  • The Account QuickReport
Detailed information

For any of these reports, you can set the dates to All or to just one Fiscal Year:

For these three reports, change the Total by field to Income Statement:

  • Transaction Detail by Account Report.
  • Custom Summary Report.
  • Custom Transaction Detail Report.

The other four reports do not have this option. For them, you need to run an alternate report, either one of the above reports or one of these:

  • Profit & Loss Detail Report.
  • Profit & Loss YTD Comparison.
  • Profit & Loss Prev Year Comparison.
  • Income by Customer Detail.
  • Expenses by Vendor Detail.
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