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Information exchanged between stores


Note: The content below applies only to Point of Sale Pro-Multistore

Sent from Headquarters to Remote Stores:

  • Inventory; including item, department, and vendor lists, and all item quantities, costs, and prices
  • Price Manager price change and discount records
  • Active purchase orders; designated by store
  • Customers
  • Shared company preferences; includes store codes and headings, price levels, sales tax instructions, customer order deposit requirements, etc.
  • (Optional) If using item pictures, you can send these to remote stores in a separate Store Exchange file

Not sent to remote stores: transactional documents made at Headquarters, employees and security settings, store-specific and workstation preferences.

Store Exchange files (mailbags) sent from Headquarters to remotes are in the format hq00001.qbt where 00001 is the sequential mailbag number sent from Headquarters.

Sent from Remote Stores to Headquarters:

  • Transactional documents; receipts, vouchers, adjustment memos, and transfer slips
  • Customer orders (for quantities only; documents cannot be viewed, edited or filled at Headquarters)
  • Customer records that have been added, edited, or deleted since last exchange
  • Time Clock records
  • Z-Out Drawer Count Reports

Not sent to Headquarters: inventory and related files, employee records (except time clock records), security settings, store-specific and workstation preferences.

Store exchange files (mailbags) sent from remotes to Headquarters are in the format snn00001.qbt where snn = Store number, e.g. s02 = Store 2, and 00001 is the sequential mailbag number sent from this remote.


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