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Year-end procedures

This article provides you with links and several resources to help you organize your year end tasks.

Detailed information

Year-end Guide in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop Year-End Guide helps you perform the most common tasks you or your accountant may need to complete when closing the fiscal year. The activities detailed in this guide help ensure your year end transition is smooth.

  1. From QuickBooks Desktop Help menu, click Year-End Guide
  2. Click a link to view the information and display a list of other articles and resources that you may find helpful.

Intuit Payroll Year End Center

The Intuit Payroll Year End Center provides information for Payroll related year end tasks, quick access to tax laws and guides (Federal and State agencies), information on 1099-MISC and Payroll tax law changes. See the following articles for guidance.

Additional resources

The following articles can provide you additional information on how to organize your year-end tasks.


If you choose to close your books as part of your year-end process, you may also find that this is a good time to upgrade your product and even start a new company file.  The resources below can help with those tasks.

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