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Track inventory in multiple locations

How to use the QuickBooks Desktop inventory feature to track Inventory Items for multiple locations.  For example if you have one location that uses QuickBooks, and other locations that do not, but you want to track the inventory for all locations in the one data file.

Solution Description
You can Create Primary Items that represent each location.  For example, for inventory items create an item called "Inventory store one".  You can then create all the items that are sold at store one as sub items of "Inventory store one".  You would repeat this for all locations changing the store number for the primary item.
When an Item is sold from either location you would choose the Subitem from the appropriate store on the sales transaction.

Similarly purchase of items would be the same way.

If you need to transfer inventory from one store to another, you can use an inventory adjustment.  Reduce quantity on hand for the store sending the item while increasing the quantity on hand for the store recieving.
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4/24/2017 6:09:51 AM
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