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Creating a Sales Tax Adjustment in QuickBooks for Mac

There are several reasons you may want to adjust the Sales Tax you owe, as shown in the QuickBooks for Mac “Pay Sales Tax” Window.  Some of these reasons might include:  a credit you are given from your Sales Tax Agency, corrections to sales in a previous period, etc. 


To create a Sales Tax Adjustment in QuickBooks for Mac, you will need to create a General Journal entry.



Detailed instructions

Verify the Sales Tax you owe, and the Sales Tax Agency Vendor name:

  1. Open the Pay Sales Tax window (click on the Vendor menu at the top, then click on the Pay Sales Tax option).
  2. Set the dates correctly at the top of the window. Be sure the date for the Show sales tax due through field includes the period you are adjusting. 
  3. Note or write down the amount you owe in the Amt Due column. 
  4. On the same line as the amount you owe, will be the Sales Tax Vendor name. Please also note this or write it down.
  5. From the amount you owe, please determine the amount you will need to increase or decrease what you owe.

Adjust the Sales Tax amount you owe:

  1. Open the General Journal Entry window (click on the Company menu, then click on Make General Journal Entries). 
  2. Set the date of the Journal Entry to be the date you want to affect the Sales Tax you owe. For example, if you were adjusting the sales tax you owe for June, you would want to date your Journal Entry in June of the same year.
  3. On the first line, select the QuickBooks created Sales Tax Payable liability account. 
  4. If you want to decrease the amount of Sales Tax you owe, enter the difference of the amount that QuickBooks says you owe and what you really owe in the debit column on the Sales Tax Payable line of the Journal Entry. If you want to increase what you owe, enter the amount in the credit column.
  5. On the Sales Tax Payable account line of the Journal Entry, click in the Vendor column, click on the drop down arrow, and select the Sales Tax Vendor name you noted from the Pay Sales Tax window. 
  6. Enter a memo or any other information you would like in the Journal Entry.
  7. Be sure to select an account (whatever account you would like as the offset) on the second line of the Journal entry and enter an amount equal to that for the Sales Tax Payable line in the opposite debit or credit column, as appropriate, in order to balance the Journal Entry. 
  8. Click OK on the Journal Entry to save it. 

Apply the Sales Tax adjustment to your payment: 

  1. Open the Pay Sales Tax window (click on the Vendor menu at the top, then click on the Pay Sales Tax option).
  2. Find the Sales Tax line you want to pay, with the Vendor name you noted before. 
  3. Check mark that Sales Tax line by click in the far right column of that line. 
  4. Find the adjustment you entered. It will be a line in the Pay Sales Tax window with the same Vendor name you noted before, no item listed in the Item column, and an amount equal to your adjustment. 
  5. Click in the far right column of the adjustment line to check mark it. 
  6. You can now see that the totals at the bottom of the Pay Sales Tax window are adjusted, as you desired.
  7. Click on the To Be Printed check box to be sure you can print a copy of your payment after you are done. 
  8. Click OK to save the payment.  

Print your sales tax payment: 

  1. Click on the File menu at the top of the screen for QuickBooks.
  2. Click on the option for Print Forms.
  3. On the sub-menu that appears, click on Checks
  4. In the Print Checks window that opens, click on the drop down menu for Account.
  5. Select the account the sales tax payment was written out of.
  6. You should now see the payment check created for the sales tax payment you created earlier.
  7. Be sure the check mark box is checked, in the far right column, under Print.
  8. Click on the Print button to print the check. 
Additional information:

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